Aliya Dosmambetova, Russia
February 2014

We’ve got our beautiful tables, thank you very much!!! I hope, we will see you next year. We’ve sent you our photos.

Dr. Nivas, USA
September 2019

Attached are some pictures of the marble Inlay pieces you provided at my house in Connecticut, USA. They look gorgeous as you can see from the pictures. Thank you.

Juan Valdés E., Chile
April 2019

Hoping that you all are well, I am sending a couple of pictures of your product, one of them with Christiane, my wife, the owner.

Gowri Shankar, USA
January 2019

My family is very happy to see the beautiful black marble table in my dining room. We personally want to thank all those who created a beautiful table. We thank you for the excellent packing and shipping. The service has been excellent. As I had mentioned in my call to you, we have ordered for dining chairs, which will take 3 weeks to deliver. I shall send you photographs of it once I get the chairs. Lot of people here already have appreciated it.

Megan Kempe, Bermuda
March 2017
The team at Marbsart was incredibly professional and helpful. The story is a beautiful collection of the most incredible works. I purchased both ready-made items and was able to order a table made to my exact specifications. Both tables were shipped to me much faster than I expected and the packaging was incredible..there was no way these tables would have been damaged during shipping. I highly recommend it Marbsart!
Michael & Sharyn Hamer, USA
January 2019

We truly cherish our purchase and proudly display it in our home. It resides in our front entry where everyone who visits us can see it. We will be having professional lighting installed soon to really highlight this masterpiece. It was a bit difficult to photograph due to its location but I have attached 3 views to give you an idea. I hope you can save each image to your computer and then use it as you wish. Thank you and we wish you much success as you continue to promote the work of your skilled masters..

Mark Zvirblis, Australia
November 2012

I am writing to thank you for the excellent quality inlaid marble tables that I purchased from you, plus to send you some photographs (attached). Yes, it was quite a while ago that I bought the two tables (13 November 2012 on Order No.3162) so I apologize it took so long to send photographs, but I have been very busy at work. However, I have never regretted buying the tables; you did a superb job of packing and shipping; and the tables will always remind me of a great holiday and the excellent craftsmanship of your artisans. I confirm to prospective purchasers that you are a very honourable business. I hope you enjoy looking at these images in my house in Sydney, Australia.

Dietmar Scharf, Germany
August 2019

We would like to inform you that our black marble elephant arrived safely yesterday. Thank you very much for packing this marvelous piece so carefully. We are so happy about this wonderful black marble elephant which has already found its place in our living room (see the photo attached). We are going to install a spotlight to make the beautiful flower inlays more visible and shine. Whenever we look at this lovely elephant we will remember our wonderful journey through India and especially our stay in Agra. The colorful flower inlays remind us of the Taj Mahal. Please send our warmest greetings and best wishes to the artist who made this outstanding artwork.

Dana & Michele White, USA
April 2014
I am sending you a photo of the beautiful marble table that you made for us. Very soon, we will be doing a small remodel to this area of our kitchen in order to improve the lighting. I was very surprised at how much the touch or feel of the table as we eat or sit at the table is an enjoyable feature. I had mostly thought of it as a visual experience – now I realize the table is very tactile. Perhaps circumstances will create another opportunity for us to visit India again. In the meantime, our table greets us every time we enter our kitchen and reminds us of the joy of our time in Agra and in India. We are very pleased and thank you very much!
Cherri Carlson, USA
May 2019

Thank you for the beautiful marble. It made it home safely and looks lovely in my living room as art and will work well on the lazy susan when I entertain. Here are photos of it with both a candle behind and a light. This is a nice memory of my trip to India.

Elisabeth af Geijerstam, Sweden
November 2018

Here is, finally, a picture of me and my “leopard”. Still thinking of how to showcase it on a wall. Have not decided how to do that yet. Thanks for your advice in the matter. I get a lot of comments on this piece. It is so unique and the craftmanship is excellent. All the best!

Bastien Charrieau, France
February 2019

Many thanks for your email and thanks a lot for the gift. We received a wonderful elephant in marble. It is enhancing the living room decoration. Thankyou so much. See below our new living room set up thanks to your wonderful handcraft marble table!

Jane Rendall, New Zealand
April 2019

Thank you for the table legs that arrived today. We are very pleased with the table and everything was so well packaged. Your communication has been excellent.

Soledad Gosayco-Dy, Philippines
January 2020

As promised, I am sending you a photo of the table once it arrived at our home. It’s one of its kind, it’s beautiful, its an heirloom piece. This is a conversation piece.

Jeanne Fogel, USA
March 2019

Thank you for the beautiful marble tabletop! You did a wonderful job safely packing and shipping it and we appreciate the great follow-up ensuring it got to our home safely. Here it is on our son’s wall.

Neal Gordon, USA
March 2017

It’s your marble top that is so beautiful! Beautiful work. Thank you!

Kevin & Becky Herbst, USA
June 2019

Just wanted to let you know we have our table, and it’s beautiful! Thank you!

Wayne Konz, USA
January 2017

Here are a couple of pictures of our beautiful Taj Mahal Box in our home. We really love it.

Cornelia & Antonius Rensmann, Germany
December 2019

The marble table has found its place. Thank you all for the professional work. All went well and we are glad to have this original engraving/work of Art

Hubert Flichy, France
December 2018

This table is presented in a very old house (1545) in the Ile de Ré (France). The base bought in a flea market near Paris is made of marble.

Hannelore Herrmuth, Germany
June 2019

This morning I got a wonderful white marble table. I am very happy. It looks so nice. These are my pictures!

Deborah Decker, USA
February 2019

It finally arrived and I got all the forms filled in. It is gorgeous and fits perfectly. Thank you!

Richard Bennett, USA
March 2019

Table top arrived. All fine. The marble piece found a good home.

Lynda and Robert Mckill, United Kingdom
January 2017

Delighted with our purchase which we have named as Agra.

Kelvin & Christine Freeman, France
September 2015

Following our purchase from you in September 2015 and your request for photographs. We have at last finished refurbishing our kitchen at our home here in France and installed our marble Tigers of which we are so pleased. Please find photographs – they were taken last week and you may use them as you please.

Pia & Gunnar Hammarstrand, Sweden
February 2016

We are happy to say that we have got the carpet delivered. It is very nice together with the nice marble table from Agra. I have also like to show you the nice jacket that I have sewed from the cloth with embroidery on that I bought in Jaipur. We hope that your business will continue to be successful.

Dick Reckmeyer, USA
May 2014

We received the pieces yesterday and I wasted no time in unpacking them and proudly displaying your beautiful work – the 19” piece is on our kitchen table and the 12” x 21” Tiger table top is in our family room. Photos attached. We use these rooms all the time so we will be reminded of our wonderful journey to India all the time.

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